2013 Track World Cup
Season details
Dates July 1 — July 6
Teams 9
Venues 3 (in 3 host cities)
Tournament results
Champion Gold medal icon {{{alias}}} France
Runner-up Silver medal icon {{{alias}}} Germany
3rd place Bronze medal icon {{{alias}}} Norway
Next season 2014 Track World Cup

The 2013 UCI Track World Cup (TWC) was the first version of the UCI Track World Cup, the annual international track world championship tournament. It took place at between 1 July and 6 July 2013 and involved nine teams. The final was hosted at Invercargill ILT Velodrome in Invercargill, New Zealand


Event 1Edit

Main article: 2013 Track World Cup – Event 1

Event 2Edit

Main article: 2013 Track World Cup – Event 2


Main article: 2013 Track World Cup – Race-off


Main article: 2013 Track World Cup – Final

See alsoEdit

2013 Track Grand Prix

Final classificationEdit

Pos. National team Pts.
Gold medal icon {{{alias}}} France 39
Silver medal icon {{{alias}}} Germany 38
Bronze medal icon {{{alias}}} Norway 28
4 {{{alias}}} New Zealand 9
5 {{{alias}}} Great Britain 32
6 {{{alias}}} Australia 30
7 {{{alias}}} Denmark 25
8 {{{alias}}} Italy 23
9 {{{alias}}} United States 23


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