2014 Track World Cup – Event 1
Season details
Date 12 July 2014
City {{{alias}}} Copenhagen
Event 1 of 4
Stadium details
Stadium Ballerup Super Arena
Length 250 m

The 2014 Track World Cup – Event 1 was the first of four races in the 2014 Track World Cup. Race 1 took place on 12 July 2014 and was held in Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

France won the race and qualified directly to final, while Germany and Italy went to the race-off. Denmark were led by their captain Matti Breschel to an exciting race, but did not make it through the tournament, even though they got the home-advantage in Denmark.

Teams Edit

{{{alias}}} Denmark {{{alias}}} France {{{alias}}} Italy {{{alias}}} Germany
Matti Breschel ©
Lasse Norman Hansen
Sebastian Lander
Michael Mørkøv
Alex Rasmusen
Nacer Bouhanni ©
Vivien Brisse
Bryan Coquard
Arnaud Demare
Kévin Sireau
Alex Buttazzoni
Francesco Castegnaro
Riccardo Donato
Andrea Guardini ©
Elia Viviani
Stefan Bötticher
John Degenkolb
André Greipel ©
Marcel Kittel
Maximillian Levy

Classification Edit

Pos. National team Pts.
1 {{{alias}}} France 39
2 {{{alias}}} Germany 37
3 {{{alias}}} Italy 29
4 {{{alias}}} Denmark 21

Points Edit

{{{alias}}} Denmark

1 Matti Breschel © 94r131
3 Alex Rasmussen 702022
2 Michael Mørkøv 301110
4 Lasse Norman Hansen 311001

{{{alias}}} France

2 Nacer Bouhanni © 13104233
1 Arnaud Demare 1031222
4 Kévin Sireau 911331
3 Bryan Coquard 73013

{{{alias}}} Italy

3 Andrea Guardini © 1532622
1 Elia Viviani 723110
4 Riccardo Donato 403001
2 Alex Buttazzoni 410102

{{{alias}}} Germany

3 Marcel Kittel 1533333
2 André Greipel © 1323323
1 John Degenkolb 622200
3 Maximillian Levy 302010

Bold: Substitute
Italic: Joker

See also Edit

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