2014 Track World Cup – Event 2
Season details
Date 15 July 2014
City {{{alias}}} Thornbury
Event 2 of 4
Stadium details
Stadium Darebin International Sports Centre
Length 250 m

The 2014 Track World Cup – Event 2 was the second of four races in the 2014 Track World Cup. Race 2 took place on 15 July 2014 and was held in Darebin International Sports Centre in Thornbury, Australia.

Australia won in their home country and qualified directly to final, while Norway and the United States went to the race-off. Neighbor-country New Zealand dissappointed with only 23 points and did not go on from Race 2.

Teams Edit

{{{alias}}} Norway {{{alias}}} United States {{{alias}}} New Zealand {{{alias}}} Australia
Edvald Boasson Hagen
Thor Hushovd ©
Øivind Høysett
Alexander Kristoff
Joseph Santaniello
Matthew Baranoski
David Espinoza
Tyler Farrar ©
Kevin Mansker
Larry Warbasse
Matthew Archibald
Edward Dawkins
Thomas Scully
Simon Van Velthooven ©
Sam Webster
Mitchell Bullen
Matthew Goss
Matthew Glaetzer
Shane Perkins
Mark Renshaw ©

Classification Edit

Pos. National team Pts.
1 {{{alias}}} Australia 38
2 {{{alias}}} Norway 35
3 {{{alias}}} United States 27
4 {{{alias}}} New Zealand 23

Points Edit

{{{alias}}} Norway

1 Alexander Kristoff 1333322
2 Edvald Boasson Hagen 1233312
3 Thor Hushovd © 821032
4 Joseph Santaniello 310010

{{{alias}}} United States

1 Tyler Farrar © 17236231
4 Matthew Baranoski 511210
3 Kevin Mansker 40031
2 David Espinoza 202000

{{{alias}}} New Zealand

1 Edward Dawkins 10212203
2 Simon Van Velthooven © 720122
3 Sam Webster 410021
4 Matthew Archibald 20200

{{{alias}}} Australia

2 Matthew Goss 1232133
1 Mark Renshaw © 1232313
4 Shane Perkins 813121
3 Mitchell Bullen 602103

Bold: Substitute
Italic: Joker

See also Edit

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