2015 Track World Cup – Event 1
Season details
Date 1 August 2015
Venue {{{alias}}} Velodromo Fasa Bortolo, Montichiari, Italy
Event 1 of 4

The 2015 Track World Cup – Event 1 was the first of four races in the 2015 Track World Cup. Race 1 took place on 1 August 2015 and was held in Velodromo Fassa Bortolo in Montichiari, Italy.

The opening event of the World Cup were a close race between Australia and New Zealand. Italy and Norway battled for a race-off place. The winner should be found in the very last heat, were Australia finished above New Zealand, both with 37 points and the last-race-winner-rule were used. Italy were 3rd placed with 26, while Norway only got 19.

Teams Edit

{{{alias}}} Norway {{{alias}}} Italy {{{alias}}} New Zealand {{{alias}}} Australia
Edvald Boasson Hagen ©
Øivind Høysett
Alexander Kristoff
Alexander Perez
Joseph Santaniello
Alex Buttazzoni
Francesco Ceci
Andrea Guardini ©
Sacha Modolo
Elia Viviani
Matthew Archibald
Edward Dawkins
Thomas Scully
Simon Van Velthooven ©
Sam Webster
Matthew Glaetzer
Peter Lewis
Glenn O'Shea
Shane Perkins ©
Jacob Schmid

Classification Edit

Pos. National team Pts.
1 {{{alias}}} Australia 37
2 {{{alias}}} New Zealand 37
3 {{{alias}}} Italy 26
4 {{{alias}}} Norway 19

Points Edit

{{{alias}}} Norway

3 Alexander Kristoff 1031321
2 Edvald Boasson Hagen © 732110
1 Joseph Santaniello 201100
4 Øivind Høysett 000000

{{{alias}}} Italy

1 Elia Viviani 1233231
4 Andrea Guardini © 831222
3 Sacha Modolo 520021
2 Francesco Ceci 200101

{{{alias}}} New Zealand

1 Edward Dawkins 1123212
3 Matthew Archibald 1010333
2 Simon Van Velthooven © 1012232
4 Sam Webster 621210

{{{alias}}} Australia

1 Matthew Glaetzer 1323323
4 Shane Perkins © 1032032
2 Peter Lewis 812122
3 Glenn O'Shea 600312

See also Edit

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