2015 Track World Cup – Event 2
Season details
Date 2 August 2015
Venue {{{alias}}} Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow, Great Britain
Event 2 of 4

The 2015 Track World Cup – Event 2 was the second of four races in the 2015 Track World Cup. It took take place on 2 August 2015 and was held in Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Scotland, Great Britain.

The defending champions, Great Britain, were up against their rivals from France in the 2nd race of the World Cup. They were batteling for the straight place in the final, while the Netherlands and the United States were competing for just making it to the race-off. France advanced to the final, with only one point above Great Britain. Furthermore, the Netherlands were also one point better than the United States, and advanced to the race-off.

Teams Edit

{{{alias}}} United States {{{alias}}} Great Britain {{{alias}}} France {{{alias}}} Netherlands
Matthew Baranoski
David Espinoza
Bobby Lea
Kevin Mansker
Larry Warbasse ©
Mark Cavendish ©
Matthew Crampton
Kian Emadi
Jason Kenny
Callum Skinner
Grégory Baugé ©
Vivien Brisse
Bryan Coquard
Quentin Lafargue
Kévin Sireau
Theo Bos ©
Matthijs Büchli
Hugo Haak
Jeffrey Hoogland
Tim Veldt

Classification Edit

Pos. National team Pts.
1 {{{alias}}} France 39
2 {{{alias}}} Great Britain 38
3 {{{alias}}} Netherlands 22
4 {{{alias}}} United States 21

Points Edit

{{{alias}}} United States

3 Larry Warbasse © 902322
1 Matthew Baranoski 720303
2 David Espinoza 201010
4 Kevin Mansker 200110

{{{alias}}} Great Britain

4 Jason Kenny 1423333
1 Mark Cavendish © 1333322
2 Callum Skinner 612003
3 Kian Emadi 512101

{{{alias}}} France

3 Bryan Coquard 1222233
1 Kévin Sireau 113323r
2 Grégory Baugé © 930231
4 Quentin Lafargue 720212

{{{alias}}} Netherlands

1 Theo Bos © 833011
3 Matthijs Büchli 711122
2 Jeffrey Hoogland 511021
4 Hugo Haak 201100

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