2015 Track World Cup – Race-off
Season details
Date 5 August 2015
Venue {{{alias}}} Berlin Velodrome, Berlin, Germany
Event 3 of 4

The 2015 Track World Cup – Race-off was the third of four races in the 2015 Track World Cup. It took take place on 5 August 2015 and was held in Berlin Velodrome in Berlin, Germany.

The race-off were divided up in two, with New Zealand and Great Britain in the top and Italy and the Netherlands in the bottom. New Zealand advanced to the final and the defending champions from Great Britain were knocked out.

Teams Edit

{{{alias}}} Great Britain {{{alias}}} Italy {{{alias}}} New Zealand {{{alias}}} Netherlands
Mark Cavendish ©
Matthew Crampton
Kian Emadi
Jason Kenny
Callum Skinner
Alex Buttazzoni
Francesco Ceci
Andrea Guardini ©
Sacha Modolo
Elia Viviani
Matthew Archibald
Edward Dawkins
Thomas Scully
Simon Van Velthooven ©
Sam Webster
Theo Bos ©
Matthijs Büchli
Hugo Haak
Jeffrey Hoogland
Tim Veldt

Classification Edit

Pos. National team Pts.
1 {{{alias}}} New Zealand 39
2 {{{alias}}} Great Britain 36
3 {{{alias}}} Italy 24
4 {{{alias}}} Netherlands 23

Points Edit

{{{alias}}} Great Britain

1 Mark Cavendish © 1233033
4 Jason Kenny 1132222
3 Kian Emadi 72032r
2 Matthew Crampton 621012

{{{alias}}} Italy

4 Elia Viviani 1223313
1 Andrea Guardini © 611031
2 Sacha Modolo 300030
3 Francesco Ceci 300201

{{{alias}}} New Zealand

1 Edward Dawkins 1333223
2 Simon Van Velthooven © 1222323
4 Sam Webster 712301
3 Matthew Archibald 712202

{{{alias}}} Netherlands

1 Theo Bos © 833101
2 Jeffrey Hoogland 600132
3 Matthijs Büchli 503110
4 Hugo Haak 411110

See also Edit

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