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Alexander KristoffAndrea GuardiniAndré Greipel
Arnaud DemareAzizulhasni AwangBallerup Super Arena
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Velodrom (Berlin)
File:2008 Laoshan Velodrome.jpegFile:Andrea Guardini.jpegFile:André Greipel.jpeg
File:Arnaud Demare.jpegFile:Azizulhasni Awang.jpegFile:Ballerup Super Arena.jpeg
File:Berlin Velodrome inside.jpegFile:Bronze medal icon.pngFile:Bryan Coquard.jpeg
File:Flag of Australia.pngFile:Flag of Austria.pngFile:Flag of Belgium.png
File:Flag of Bulgaria.pngFile:Flag of China.pngFile:Flag of Colombia.png
File:Flag of Denmark.pngFile:Flag of Finland.pngFile:Flag of France.png
File:Flag of Germany.pngFile:Flag of Greece.pngFile:Flag of India.png
File:Flag of Italy.pngFile:Flag of Japan.pngFile:Flag of Lithuania.png
File:Flag of Malaysia.pngFile:Flag of New Zealand.pngFile:Flag of Norway.png
File:Flag of Poland.pngFile:Flag of Russia.pngFile:Flag of Slovakia.png
File:Flag of Slovenia.pngFile:Flag of South Africa.pngFile:Flag of Spain.png
File:Flag of Sweden.pngFile:Flag of Switzerland.pngFile:Flag of Ukraine.png
File:Flag of Venezuela.pngFile:Flag of the Netherlands.pngFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.png
File:Flag of the United States.pngFile:Flag of the Venezuela.pngFile:Gold medal icon.png
File:Grégory Baugé.jpegFile:Helsinki Velodrome inside.jpegFile:Hisense Arena night.jpeg
File:Jason Kenny.jpegFile:John Degenkolb.jpegFile:Manchester Velodrome inside.jpeg
File:Marcel Kittel.jpegFile:Mark Cavendish.jpegFile:Nacer Bouhanni.jpeg
File:Omnisport Apeldoorn.jpegFile:Peter Sagan.jpegFile:Silver medal icon.png

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