Track World Cup
Season details
Founded 2013
No. of teams 9
Continent World
Most recent champion(s) {{{alias}}} Great Britain (2015)
Most titles {{{alias}}} France (1 time)

{{{alias}}} Great Britain (1 time)

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The UCI Track World Cup is an annual track cycling event held each year in different countries.

Format Edit

The final tournament usually lasts for about a week with four meetings held in six or seven days. It starts with two first round "events", each consisting of four national teams. The winners of these events will qualify automatically for the final, while those who finish second and third will have to compete in the race-off. Last place finishers will be eliminated. The top two in the race-off will join the event winners in the final.

The two events are held in different countries, normally in one of the countries that compete in that event. The race-off and the final is held in another country that did not host an event. For example, in the 2014 competition, Denmark and Australia hosted the two events, while Great Britain hosted both the race-off and final. The host nation is therefore seeded directly to the final.

Medal table Edit

By season Edit

Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2013 {{{alias}}} Invercargill {{{alias}}} France (39 pts) {{{alias}}} Germany (38 pts) {{{alias}}} Norway (28 pts)
2014 {{{alias}}} Manchester {{{alias}}} Great Britain (36 pts) {{{alias}}} Germany (35 pts) {{{alias}}} France (34 pts)
2015 {{{alias}}} Berlin

Medal classificationEdit

Pos National Team Total Gold medal icon Silver medal icon Bronze medal icon
1. {{{alias}}} France 2 1 0 1
2. {{{alias}}} Great Britain 1 1 0 0
3. {{{alias}}} Germany 2 0 2 0
4. {{{alias}}} Norway 1 0 0 1

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