Berlin Velodrome inside
Personal informations
Location Berlin, Germany
Capacity 12,000
Field size 250 metre track

The Velodrom (velodrome), also known as Berlin Velodrome, is an indoor track cycling arena, in the Prenzlauer Berg, locality of Berlin, Germany. Holding up to 12,000 people, it was also Berlin's largest concert venue, until the opening of O2 World in 2008.

It is part of a larger complex, which includes a swimming pool as well, built in the course of the – unsuccessful – application of Berlin, for the 2000 Summer Olympics. This project is related to the German reunification and the wish of a city, Berlin, about to become the capital, to be nominated for the Olympic Games.

It replaced the former Werner-Seelenbinder-Hall, which was demolished in 1993.

It hosts, mainly, indoor sporting events, trade shows and concerts.


The building was designed by French architect Dominique Perrault who won an international design competition in 1992 and was awarded the German Award of Architecture, second prize for the Velodrome and the Olympic Swimming pool [1]. The site chosen is at the intersection of urban elements and of different networks. In order to resolve the conjunction of these two systems, the buildings which house the velodrome and the Olympic Swimming Pool vanish from sight. The idea was to create an orchard of apple trees with two buildings set into the ground, one round and the other rectangular, covered with a wire gauze, which shimmer in the sunlight and appear to be stretches of water more than buildings.

The project includes

  • a multi-use velodrome: cycling, athletics, tennis, equestrianism, sports education, concerts
  • a swimming pool: 2 Olympic pools, Olympic diving platform, pools for diving training, handicapped, children
  • multisport hall

The arena is famous for its steel roof construction – with a diameter of 142 meters, it has Europe's largest steel roof.

Notable eventsEdit

In 1999, it hosted the UCI Track Cycling World Championships and has been the site of the annual Berlin Six-day racing since then.

In 2014, the Velodrom has been the site of 2014 European Aquatics Championships.